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DCDC is a community based organization dedicated to giving children a strong foundation for lifelong success by providing supports to families and high quality early learning experiences in safe, nurturing and engaging environments.

Teach. Imagine. Create. Learn.

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    First and foremost we are educators, helping parents and children to discover the key to unlocking the world around them. We believe that parents are their child’s most important teachers.

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    The children that we serve in our programs today are the same children who will be shaping this world tomorrow. We believe that children’s ability to think, dream, problem solve, ask, “What if?,” should be nurtured. We believe that children should be encouraged to reach beyond what they think they are capable of and to try something new.

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    Learning becomes more relevant and meaningful when we are actively involved. We believe children should be engaged in concrete, hands-on learning activities so that they can construct their own knowledge.

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    We are a community of caring learners, children and staff alike. Have three words ever been truer than “knowledge is power”? Ongoing and continuing professional development is the key to providing children the materials, opportunities, and nurturing necessary to master the fundamental skills they need in all developmental areas: large and small muscle control, social and emotional skills, thinking, reasoning and communicating, to be successful in school, and more importantly, in life.