June 2018
There's always lots going on at DCDC! Here are the highlights!
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September is Off to a Busy Start!

Our Preschoolers on Bloom Rd began their school year with an Open House where not only did they get to meet their teachers, but also the class pets!
It's definitely a full house this year with nearly 30 students enrolled. Read all about the program and the Open House here!
Grandparents Week at DCDC

The week of September 10th was a busy one at DCDC with all four classrooms hosting grandparents for a snack and an activity.
We are thankful for all of our grandparents and special folks that were able to share the days with us. You can read more about it here!
Building Community Connections with EI

DCDC's Early Intervention team has been out and about in the Lewisburg area of late. Last week, EI Service Coordinator, Renea Poust, and EI Special Instructor, Megan Dougherty, presented to Dr. Douglas Dexter’s Psychology of the Exceptional Child class at Bucknell University. 

DCDC's Early Intervention team also headed to the Lewisburg Children's Museum to spend some time with the children we serve and their families in a fun and engaging environment. Families and therapists interacted with the children and the environment, working on their child's IEP goals, while also being able to social and meet other local families. For more information on Early Intervention, check out our website.
Fundraisers Happening Now

DCDC has two great fundraisers going on through September!
Bason Coffee and Whitenight's mums!!
Choose from eight types of coffee, as well as tea and candy from locally produced Bason Coffee.
More info and order forms can be found on our Facebook Page or by asking one of our families or staff!
Teachers Are the Key to Quality Education

"AS WE PAUSE THIS LABOR Day to celebrate the nation's workers, we should also think about those whose profession helps prepare the citizens and workforce of tomorrow: early childhood teachers who work with children every day.

A child's first five years are the most critical for neurological development, with their brains forming more than one million neural connections per second. This is the time when the foundation is built for future success – brain wiring for social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. Genetics and experiences both play a role in a child's early development. And that is why access to early childhood education programs and to quality early educators matters so much." Continue reading here...

Why Quality Early Learning Matters
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