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Local Education & Resource Network | Danville CDCDanville Child Development Center

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Montour County Advocates for Children (LEARN)

The Local Education and Resource Network (LEARN) is a community based group of people who engage in and are committed to promoting and educating the public about the benefits of quality early childhood and school-age care and education. This group can consist of early learning programs, family members, school district officials, school board members, teachers and other school personnel, policy makers and staff, business and civic leaders, media, public and private foundations, faith-based community representatives from family or child serving organizations and anyone who is interested in supporting early and school-age care and education! For more information on LEARN, please visit Brainy by Five.

Local Education & Resource Network

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    Communicate with and engage families

    Assist families to act as their child’s first educator, with information about child development and appropriate early learning activities, aligned with the early learning standards.

    Help families make good early learning choices for their children, while building family demand for quality early education, and support families to take action on behalf of their children.

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    Act as a resource

    Act as a resource for early childhood education to promote OCDEL programs, such as Keystone STARS, through activities such as early learning events, early learning activities and/or other programs within a community which focus on quality early education programs and access to early learning opportunities.

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    Provide transition support

    Provide support to families with a child transitioning into an early learning setting or those with children entering kindergarten.